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Welcome to WorldFood, a blog about our two favorite topics: travel and food!

Stick around for travel tips and stories as well as healthy recipes inspired by our travels through India, Nepal, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Western Eastern Europe, the Middle-East, Sub-Saharan Africa, China, South America and others 🙂

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Who are these awesome people??

We are a South African foodie couple travelling the world and tasting everything along the way! 

When entering a new destination, we immerse ourselves in the food culture and try experience as much of the culinary magic as possible. Food is the essence and heart of a culture, and we love taking a piece of that memory home with us, to experience again and again. 

Marna is a registered dietitian and Jono is a medical doctor, and we use our knowledge base of health and wellness while travelling and during recipe development – every recipe on this blog is an appropriate part of a healthy, balanced diet.

If you are interested in travel, health, and exotic food, hang around!

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Who are these awesome people??

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